Making healthy, low-carb dishes using zucchini as a pasta substitute is quick and simple. In order to transform a courgette into courgetti spaghetti, you’ll need either a julienne peeler or spiralizer. Julienne peelers create straighter, thinner noodles while a spiralizer creates noodles that bend easier and are thicker (more reminiscent of traditional spaghetti.)612t0wFMK2L._SL1500_

I have only ever used spiralizers, so that is what I will focus on. There are a few types of spiralizers that can be used to make noodles from a vegetable, including handheld, horizontal hold, and vertical hold.

If you’re just trying one out or want to save some money, try a handheld spiralizer. Handheld spiralizers are typically the cheapest option, but require some manual labour to use. The OXO Handheld Spiralizer is available on Amazon.com for just £14.84. This spiralizer isn’t the best option if you’re making a large quantity of courgetti spaghetti (it’s hard work!), but is compact and simple to use.

If you’re looking to save some ener6150+jpGKrL._SL1024_gy while spiralizing but are still on a budget, the horizontal spiralizer is a good choice. Horizontal hold spiralizers require less energy than the handhelds, but are a bit wasteful because the machine cuts a core out of the vegetable you’re using. The Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO) Vegetable Spiralizer is available on Amazon.com for £23.99. This allows you to make noodles in a variety of styles, but is plastic and may break easily. In the flesh, this is the best looking of the three.

Another option is the vertical hold spiralizer. They are similar to horizontal hold 419fqz2kxjLspiralizers, but may waste less of the vegetable because of their design. The vegetable is also less likely to slip out of place while using a vertical hold spiralizer. The Benriner Cook’s Help Vegetable Slicer is available on Amazon.com for £28. This spiralizer is sturdy and offers easily changeable blades, but may not be able to spiralizer longer vegetables. In my opinion it is a bit clunky looking and looked a bit out of place in my kitchen.

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