Throughout my journey into the courgette diet world, I have mostly used websites and blogs to improve my knowledge of the area (much like this site!) – however there are also some very insightful books around.

51JDnwHRtyL._SX403_BO1,204,203,200_The first book I read was “My Cuisique Vegetable Spiralizer Cookbook”  by J.S Amie. The book (as you might expect) contains various vegetable recipes. Originally I was interested in the cauliflower rice sections of the book, but I was a bit disappointed. Unlike with courgette spaghetti, I could really tell that I was not eating regular rice, and I was always still hungry after meals. Luckily the courgette recipes are fantastic. You can buy this from Amazon for £11.91.  I would recommend this as a first book on the topic.

51YpvnRx1cL._SX378_BO1,204,203,200_Another good book if you are new to spiralizing vegetables is “Easy Spiralizer Recipes: 25 Recipes for Beginners” by Jolina Chesterfield. It is quite short, and only contains 25 recipes, but there are some gems in there – and it is available for only £2.10 on Amazon if you have a kindle! If not, it is still only £4.23 in paperback.


The final book i would recommend is not specifically about courgette spaghetti, but just courgettes (and their benefits). It includes more than 150 recipes of meals and snacks ranging from cakes to soups! It is useful to have if your arms get tired from all the spiralizing and you still have a fridge full of courgettes! And the best part is yet to come – You can buy a used copy on Amazon for £0.01I’m not sure how long this offer will last but it whilst it does it will definitely be the best 1p you spend today!


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